Coronavirus (COVID- 19) Company Policy

With the safety of our customers and staff top of mind, given the current COVID-19 climate, we have introduced the following guidelines for every customer visit.




Our safety measures

  1. For the continued safe provision of our service, you must inform us if you are self-isolating and tell us the reason, if you have the virus symptoms, we cannot come into your property and we will re-arrange your appointment.
  2. We ask that where possible you leave all internal doors open before the engineer enters your property to help minimise contact with door handles.
  3. The engineer will attend the property and knock or call to inform you that they have arrived.
  4. The engineer will move back from the door in anticipation of you answering the door.
  5. We request that you explain to the engineer where the appliance is located within the property and give directions to it. Do not accompany the engineer to the appliance.
  6. You must then ensure you move to a different room within the property, before the engineer entering.
  7. The engineer will not be able to accept anything to drink or eat, so as kind as the offer is, please don’t offer them anything.
  8. We ask that you remain confined to the room you have chosen as your isolation point, whilst the engineer works on the appliance.
  9. The engineer will carry out the work as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  10. Upon completion, the engineer will wipe down surfaces, vacate the property and shut the door behind them.
  11. He will then knock the door, call you and step back from the door whilst he advises completion of the work and whether any further work is necessary.


Get in touch

If you have any questions about our COVID- 19 policy please call us on 0113 418 2001 or email us at